Photo Booth Solutions

A photo booth is an all-in-one imaging station that offers a quick and easy way to capture a portrait at a wide variety of events and functions. Simply pose, press and collect a print in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Canon, it’s both cost-effective to run – and great fun to use.

Photo Booth Solutions

Capturing moments, memories and more

From work to leisure, a photo booth will capture all manner of faces in places and is mobile, easy to set-up and can generate revenue and leads while you focus on your event.


How it works

The photo booth is a clever box of tricks, containing a camera, lens, tablet device and printer plus all the software to make it work remotely. The customers walks up, selects the chosen service they need and stands before it while a photo is taken and printed.

Background and theme options

A wide variety of backgrounds can be chosen, allowing the customer to select a theme that suits the occasion.

High quality image capture

Thanks to Canon’s superb range cameras, lenses, Speedlite flashes and printers the photo booth can be configured to any environment with exceptional image quality assured.

Data can stored digitally or printed

When using a fully integrated system, users can choose to print their images straight away or have them emailed to the address they entered upon registration.

Easy to add logos and captions to prints

When using a fully integrated system, as a business or organisation, you can add your own image template to the software so your logo or caption data can be printed onto the final print.

Ready to help your business

Take a look at the many areas of industry and commerce where a Photo Booth can improve and enhance your business.

  • a group of work professionals working in an office

    Small companies

    Create fun experiences for employees with a small photo booth placed in a social area for leisure and pleasure.

  • Corporate events

    Invite brand experiences through image and brand association at events, capturing information and generating leads.

  • Weddings and family occasions

    Provide unique photo memories over and above the main photography commission with an enhanced photo service.

  • Entertainment and leisure

    Offer visitors to your venue a special record of their day with a themed print.

  • Private and Public Sector

    Government and businesses can benefit from a photo booth for conferences and events when photo ID is required.

  • Retail

    See how an outfit looks on you and then print it off to show family or friends back at home.

  • Why choose Canon to use in your photo booth solution?

    Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. We design, develop and manufacture digital cameras, lenses, printers and accessories and cables plus produce software needed for camera control – a combination which is leading the industry. Ours is a truly comprehensive system and it’s all created in-house which gives you the confidence to trust in our expert vision.

    Related Products

    Choose from a wide range of DSLRs, printers and mirrorless cameras and select the lenses you need from our comprehensive range, designed to provide you with the tools you need for your photo booth.

  • Kamera DSLR

    EOS 2000D

    Përqafoni fotot mahnitëse 24.1-megapikselëshe dhe filmat Full HD. Zgjeroni krijimtarinë tuaj me këtë DSLR argëtuese dhe të lehtë.
  • Kamera DSLR

    EOS 850D

    Hidhni hapin e radhës në kontrollin krijues, duke shkrepur foto me detaje mahnitëse dhe filma befasues në 4K, me një DSLR peshëlehtë e me opsione lidhjeje, që ju frymëzon dhe jua shpërblen.
  • Objektiva për DSLR

    EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

    Çojeni EOS-në tuaj në më shumë vende me një lente zmadhimi standarde portative.
  • Printerë për shtëpi

    SELPHY CP1300

    Elegant dhe portativ për printime të bukura pa tela dhe fotografi dokumentesh identifikimi nga kamerat dhe pajisjet inteligjente të përputhshme.
  • Kamera DSLR

    EOS 250D

    DSLR më e lehtë në botë me ekran lëvizës1, pajisur me Canon DIGIC 8, filmim 4K dhe "Creative Assist".

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