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Managed Print Services

Making print-related hassle a thing of the past

Where you see print, we see savings

Where you see print, we see savings

Managing your own print infrastructure and processes is a costly and time-consuming drain on resources.

Document production is typically one of the biggest expenses for an organisation, costing up to 3% of revenue. Yet many organisations don’t have the time, staff or expertise to effectively monitor or manage their print environment.

By the active management and continual optimisation of your print infrastructure and related business processes through our Managed Print Services solution you will save money, increase efficiency and improve your productivity.

With everything taken care of by our experts, we improve your print infrastructure now and on the long term and remove the day-to-day hassle of document printing so you can get on with what you do best.

Why Canon Managed Print Services?

  • You need to gain visibility and control of your print infrastructure
  • You need to deliver long-term savings, as soon as possible
  • You want to change printing habits and reduce print volume
  • You need to focus your attention on your core business

  • You need to rationalise supplier numbers and your printer estate with a single solution
  • You want to streamline document workflows and increase productivity
  • You need to improve end-to-end print security
  • You want to reduce your impact on the environment

The right solution for your business

Choose from Canon MPS Essentials – our ready-to-implement package - or work with our specialist MPS team to design a tailored Managed Print Services solution that fulfils even your most complex requirements.

A customised solution

When you have more complex processes or require integration into a unique IT environment.

A ready to implement solution

For small and medium businesses with regular print management needs.

The ‘hidden costs of printing’

Research shows the average organisation may be spending as much as €10,800 per employee each year on printing* – even before you add in the cost of using external printing firms.

Many organisations are unaware how much print is costing them or that visible costs represent just 20% of the total. It is why industry experts often refer to “the hidden costs of printing”. It is also why it makes sense to consider whether you are best placed to manage these invisible costs and how you can avoid wasting time and money.

The costs of printing

Visible Hard Costs – e.g. hardware, consumables and maintenance
IT Support & Infrastructure – e.g. helpdesk, training and networks
Administration & Purchasing – e.g. ordering, billing and supplier management
Document Production – e.g. end user time and effort
Document Management – e.g. filing, storage and electronic capture]

* Adapted from research from ALL Associates Group, Inc 2012

What our customers say

The savings we’ve made on the print strategy have enabled us to re-invest in our teaching and learning programmes in other areas of the college.

Colchester Institute,
United Kingdom

Financial savings was one of the big drivers and we are looking at a quarter of a million pound savings, and the savings are increasing!

Lancashire Care

We’ve gained in so many ways. Print-related costs have been substantially reduced, which has significant impact on our bottom line.

Imagination, United Kingdom