ProCut S-Series

ProCut S-Series

The ProCut™ S-Series digital cutting tables are affordable, small footprint, all-round production systems that streamline your finishing workflow of rigid and flexible display graphics media.


  • Versatile, accurate finishing of rigid and flexible mediaFast and robust, designed for productivity
  • Modular design with easy tool changing
  • 6 models for different sized tables
  • Easy to use, easy to upgrade
  • Procut software suite
  • Automated workflow

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Versatile production

The ProCut S-Series digital cutting tables are all-round production systems that streamline your finishing workflow of rigid and flexible display graphics media. Six models (133 to 227 cm wide) support a variety of table sizes enabling these versatile cutting systems to effortlessly finish a wide variety of materials including vinyl, cardboard, textiles, foam board, hard and soft plastic, Dibond and more.

Dependable and accurate

The ProCut S-Series is designed and developed with maintenance-free components for dependable around-the-clock performance. A unique high-performance direct drive system ensures cutting is highly accurate as well as both quiet and energy efficient.

Fully automated

Jobs that might take hours of manual labour-intensive work can be automated and carried out in just minutes with an ProCut S-Series cutting table. The Procut software suite streamlines the preparation of cut data and provides an intuitive, powerful front-end interface that makes operation effortless and error-free.

Modular design

The ProCut S-Series models are designed to be completely modular, allowing print providers to add additional tools as their business evolves. Two modules can be combined at once and tool changing is quick and simple, ensuring set-up times are kept to a minimum. A wide variety of cutting tools are available including Universal Routing, Universal Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Creasing, Electric Oscillating, Pneumatic Oscillating, Universal Drawing and Driven Rotary.

Fast turnaround

Accelerations up to 1.4G and 80,000 RPM in routing means the Procut S-Series is extremely fast and make it ideal for applications such as vinyl cutting or thin acrylic routing.

Material loading and transport

A semi-automated loading device helps keep machine idle time to a minimum. A conveyor system and a choice of roll-off units offer uninterrupted

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