Compart DocBridge Suite

Compart DocBridge Suite

Compart DocBridge® (Mill Plus) bridges the gap between legacy data systems and modern day customer communication. It offers a range of flexible, scalable, production-proven products that allow organisations to manage, optimise, validate and distribute enterprise and production document output.


  • Value - allows organisations to easily and rapidly extract vital data locked into legacy systems so that it can be used in modern communication formats and channels, such as direct mail, web portals and email.
  • Flexibility - supports multiple file formats including PDF, AFP, PCL, PS, SAP, PPML, VIPP, VPS and XPS.
  • Scalability - eliminates the need for multiple applications to run concurrently on different platforms. Jobs can be server or cloud-based and the solution supports web services. Because it is therefore infinitely scalable, it is flexible to deploy and support.
  • Automation - business and production processes can be easily automated, providing the potential to optimise productivity and rationalise costs.
  • Simplicity - this is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution, consequently users need no specific programming knowledge to become proficient.
  • Cost-effective - prepares documents for output on any production line.
  • Optimisation - efficiently manages transactional and batch processes in one.
  • Secure - offers role-based access and usage rules.

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Compart DocBridge is platform independent and non-proprietary, supporting most popular incoming and outgoing data stream formats. It's highly scalable making it eminently suitable for variable output volumes.
To cope with this, administrators can add extra resources on demand. For example, virtual network servers can be added in mere minutes and withdrawn when the peak has passed.
Jobs are then distributed automatically across the server estate and their utilisation can be monitored using a central web interface. This allows organisations to respond quickly to demand peaks, without adding additional hardware.
For added flexibility, users can adapt documents, changing page orders, adding barcodes and rotating page content.


Prepares documents for output on any production line without expensive changes, modifications or enhancements to equipment or formatting/composition tools. DocBridge converts the document, such as an account statement, on the fly and displays it in the specialist application, regardless of the original format and application used. This means no additional viewing software is required.


Optimises the management of transactional and batch processes in one solution - analysing, separating, classifying, indexing, modifying and converting.


The solution can also analyse documents and manage mail creation and production, linking multiple input data streams to flexible output options. Example

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