Safe and Smart – the future of public services

Safe and Smart – the future of public services

This week, we are excited to be holding our seventh annual Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons, which will bring together the very best minds in the public and private sectors. Together, we’ll be discussing the future of public services under the theme “Safe and Smart”. The event will see Parliamentarians (both MPs and Peers), representatives from Government Departments and Government Agencies discuss the role technology has to play in creating more efficient, collaborative organisations, whether in the public or private sector. 

There’s never been a better time for technology to make a difference in the public sector, from healthcare to council services. Just as technology has changed the interaction between businesses and customers, it is also changing the relationship between government and citizens. The intelligent application of data is transforming businesses and industries all over the world. The public sector is no different. To discuss this very topic this year, Lucie Glenday will speak from Pathway, a health and wellbeing business that uses technological innovation to provide integrated healthcare, and James Anderson the Chief Technology Officer at the Health and Safety Executive.  Lucie has already shared some thoughts on how technology is impacting the healthcare sector and will no doubt continue to disrupt it in the coming years. 

At Canon, our technologies and services are there at every step of the journey too, helping people communicate, educate, collaborate, diagnose and protect. You might be surprised where you find us! 

The event is sure to be a great opportunity to debate some of the big changes and challenges we face when it comes to technology, and will certainly be timely with the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement looming. We look forward to what will be an insightful day. 

Canon Parliamentary Reception: Safe and Smart Theme (Video)